Friday, 25 January 2013

My Acupuncture Health Letter 2013

From 2013, My Acupuncture will send our seasonal health letters, it include Chinese and English.  

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凡事不可强求完美,过度追求,则是“吝”。曾府宅中书房称为“求缺斋”,守得一缺,也顾得大全,凡事有得有失,不可事事周全,家中所有预备都有一缺。故自家学习处也 效仿曾前辈,挂“求缺斋”,时刻警醒。

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

24 Hours Body Energy Schedule

1:00 the body will enter a stage of light sleep, easy to wake up. The mind is clearly, so it is hard to fall asleep if you are still awake.
2:00 majority of your organs will be in the slowest day work status, but the liver detoxification for human body is still in hard work for rowing blood gas.
3:00 body will enter the stage of deep sleep, all muscles relax completely. This is Yinshi area of ​​the lung Qi very strong: anti-coughing class group and western medicine is very effective now. The negative effect is also small.
4:00  "the darkness before dawn".  Elder person is easy to pass away, and also the most prone to accidents. Blood pressure in the lowest level in a day, diabetes patients are easy to hypoglycaemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients are easy to myocardial infarction.
5:00 yang gradually sublimated full mental state.
6:00 blood pressure begins to increase gradually accelerated heartbeat. Hypertensive patients eat antihypertensive drugs.
7:00 the body's immune system is strongest. After breakfast, nutrition will be absorbed by the body.
8:00 various physiological hormone secretion strong, body begins to enter the work state.
9:00 suitable for injections, surgery, and physical examination. Blood will active cerebral cortex excitability, pain reduction.
10:00 is highest efficiency.
10:00-11:00 belong to the body's first prime-time. Heart full play to its energetic without fatigue.
12:00 intense work one morning and needed a rest.
12:00-13:00 is the best mid-sleeping time. Should not fatigue combat, if person can lying down to rest for half an hour or one hour.
14:00 unresponsive. Tend to have a sense of drowsiness, reduced ability of the human stress.
15:00 lunch nutrition absorption gradually being transported to the body, the ability to work is resumed.
15:00-17:00 second prime-time body. It is suitable to meetings, public relations, receiving important guests.
16:00 blood sugar began to increase the false fire apparent at this time. Yang and yin deficiency patients’ face is red.
17:00 the efficiency of afternoon time to achieve the highest value, suitable physical exercise.
18:00 body decreased sensitivity, reduce pain along again.
19:00 most likely to quarrel. At this point the evening peak to human blood pressure fluctuations and the mood of the people is the most unstable.
20:00 body enters the third stage of a golden. Memory is strongest, exceptionally rapid response of the brain.
20:00-21:00 suitable for homework, reading, creative, exercise.
21:00 most likely to quarrel. Human blood pressure fluctuations and the mood of the people is the most unstable.
22:00 Good grooming. Respiratory rate, body temperature decreased. Best to go to bed after ten thirty foot bath can fall asleep quickly.
23:00 yang is weak, the body function decline, began to enter deep sleep, day fatigue began to ease.
24:00 blood in the lowest value of the day, in addition to the rest, should not carry out any activities.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Notice about Tuesday 29th, 2013 !

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January 29, 2013 Tuesday night (7pm) booking will move to January 30, 2013 Wednesday (7pm).