Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Welcome one of my supervisor----Professor Zhao Baixiao(赵百孝 教授)

Welcome famous Professor Baixiao Zhao visit to our clinic!!!

Professor Baixiao Zhao, famous Ph.D. supervisor , director of School of Acupuncture, Beijing University of Chinese medicine. 



Videos of Dr. Zhao: 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Fengshui Health In 2014

A good fengshui can help our wellbeing and health. As Fengshui changes every year, I am very happy to share with you about 2014 health Fengshui knowledge as following.
1.     East

Donot put your bed in this position, it is very bad for your positive qi and the negative will come. Bad luck and sickness will come through this position. So move away your bed from there.

2.     West
Not good for renovations or fish tank or plant. Otherwise, family members may have accident, or hand & feet pain, or pain problems, or cough & asthma.

3.     Southeast
Good relationship will be in this area. Put some flowers and bright color things will bring you good friend. If you have stress, anxiety and depression problems, you can spend more time in that place, then get more positive qi from it, then you will be more relexed.
4.     North
This place is good for single person to find your Mr./Miss RIGNT.  Beautiful flowers are the best. But it is not good for people already married.  Hope you can use it well and find your good chance.

Welcome you become our clinic member to discuss further health and wellbeing questions.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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水在于吉避凶,说说2014年容易来疾病的方位,如果大家睡床有安放在此方位的,法移位。水治,无非是帮助大家找到适合自己方位的治,My Acupuncture在这里给大家一个新年的提醒。

1.     正东方


2.     正西方


2.     正北方


3.     南方



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